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I often organize, host, moderate, and speak on panels at major media and human rights conferences around the world and online. Click below for a few recorded samples (most high-profile engagements are off-the-record). If you’d like to book me as a speaker, get in touch.

Harnessing Queer Creativity for #IDAHOBIT2020 (Online Event Host)

In May 2020, I hosted Digitally Yours, part of the Embassy of Sweden in South Africa’s Live Connection series. This panel was organized in solidarity with the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) and discussed queer creativity as an agent for positive change during the COVID-19 pandemic. The live event drew more than 14,000 viewers on Facebook alone.

Religious Freedom & Foreign Policy (Panelist)

In April 2015, I co-organized and spoke on a panel about the role of religious freedom in foreign policy at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The British Council, Religion News Foundation, Lancaster University, and the Religious Freedom Center took part in this lively discussion. (Start at 15:34).

Free Speech Crises in the Middle East (Speech)

In April 2012, I gave a TED Talk-style speech on freedom of expression at Stanford University’s very first AMENDS summit. I was there as Free Speech Debate’s online editor to help launch the platform. I also co-hosted Free Speech Debate’s podcast (available here). (Start at 00:18).

LGBTQI+Religion Reporting in Sub-Saharan Africa (Panel Moderator)

In September 2017, I organized and moderated a panel at the National Endowment for Democracy that brought together journalists and activists from four African nations to discuss challenges they face covering religion and LGBTQI+ issues in their communities. The panelists all participated in a regional workshop I hosted in 2016 to help amplify the voices of LGBTQI+ advocates and communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. (Start at 4:34).

Countering Gender Stereotyping in the News Media (Panelist)

In March 2021, NGO CSW65 –– the civil society side of the UN Commission on the Status of Women –– convened a panel about countering gender stereotypes in global news media coverage. I spoke about the specific dangers sexual and gender minorities face in this context. The panel was co-hosted by the International Center for Journalists, Free Press Unlimited, the Global Forum for Media Development, and International Media Support. (Start at 21:20).

Media Advocacy for LGBTQI+ Equality (Panelist)

In September 2019, I spoke on a panel about media advocacy and strategic communication at The Other Foundation’s Kopano (family gathering) in South Africa. The panel assessed how regional LGBTQI+ activists frame their public messaging and how such messaging can be used to influence audiences. (Start at 7:46).

Moderating Religious Hatred Online (Webinar Host)

In September 2014, I organized and hosted this panel discussion about how journalists around the world moderate online comments when religious hatred and intolerance come into play. We looked at useful steps news organizations can take to uphold freedom of expression when moderating online comments.

“Do We Have a Right to be Offensive?” (Panelist)

In April 2013, I spoke on the panel “Do we have a right to be offensive?” at an Open Rights Group conference in the U.K. Fellow panelists and I discussed freedom of speech, censorship, the “right to offend,” and the line between offensive speech and harassment. (Start at 5:16).

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