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In addition to my handbooks for journalists and human rights defenders, I’ve written and edited several books and anthologies that spotlight everyday heroes who risk their lives to make the world a better place. Click the titles below to download free digital copies of these books. If you’d like to create something beautiful together, get in touch.

 In our second volume in the Queer Activism in Africa series, 28 more human rights defenders from across the continent share their origin stories and activist journeys. These intimate testimonies of strength and vulnerability document and elevate their collective fight for LGBTQI+ equality. Queer and ally artists bring each story to life with original illustrations that depict hardships and triumphs. The result is a powerful anthology of resistance, resilience, and recognition.

Courage To Share.jpg

In this anthology, which I edited and co-wrote, 20 human rights defenders from across Africa share their activist journeys and reveal what inspires their fight for LGBTQI+ equality. Some are deeply personal stories of self-discovery and acceptance. Others chart the challenges LGBTQI+ rights groups face in discriminatory environments. All carry messages of hope and dreams for a better tomorrow. We commissioned queer and ally artists to bring each story to life with original illustrations that depict the joys and struggles of this collective movement.

Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours

For this book, I profiled 20 global changemakers who use intercultural and interreligious dialogue to advance peaceful coexistence in their communities and beyond. These “Heroes of Dialogue” represent 6 religions across 14 countries. Each community leader profiled promotes peace and inclusivity by reaching out to “the Other” and leading community-wide movements that help heal the wounds of conflict.

Heroes of Dialogue

“Heroes of Dialogue” received widespread acclaim when it was published in 2019, and requests flooded in for additional resources. I adapted 12 of the stories from “Heroes of Dialogue” for this special “Classroom Edition” geared for a younger audience. This book highlights some of the young heroes who live among us and use dialogue to build peaceful, inclusive societies.

Heroes of Dialogue
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