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I’ve worked for more than a decade to improve media coverage of religion and LGBTQI+ rights across Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world. With local support, I’ve trained more than 1,000 journalists and human rights defenders from more than 50 countries. Along the way, I’ve created handbooks to amplify this work. Click the titles below to download free digital copies of my handbooks for journalists and activists. If you’d like to create similar resources for your cause, get in touch.

This handbook updates my original guide (see below) and includes brand new sections on SSOGIE reporting, religion reporting, journalist safety and wellness, and source safety and digital security. Although this handbook is regionally and thematically focused, its principles and best practices are widely applicable. I regularly use it to work with key populations in other geographic regions. 

Covering Sexual and Gender Minorities & Religion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our French handbook, published in 2022, updates the English SSOGIE and religion reporting guide (above) with Francophone sources and resources from North Africa.

french guide.png

This handbook, which I wrote for the Children’s Radio Foundation as part of a partnership with Taboom Media, aims to help civil society groups and activists use radio and podcasting skills to advance LGBTQI+ rights across Africa. It can be used more broadly to enhance human rights defenders’ media advocacy strategies and campaigns.

LGBTQI+ Media Advocacy Toolkit

This handbook features relevant background, tips, and sources to help journalists investigate and report on how faith groups and NGOs foment anti-LGBTQI+ hatred in the U.S. and abroad. 

Investigating Anti-LGBTQI+ Hate: A Reporting Guide for Journalists

I edited and co-wrote this guide to help journalists and human rights defenders in East Africa combat the negative effects of queerphobic hate speech and media coverage. 

Speaking With Care

This handbook (updated in 2020, link above) includes a resource guide to assist journalists as they report on sensitive human rights topics. An archive of trainee stories that emerged from the workshop is available in the guide and here (2017-18). Please use the 2nd Edition (link above) for up-to-date guidance. 

Covering Sexual and Gender Minorities & Religion in Sub-Saharan Africa

This revised handbook, which I expanded as contributing editor, offers tips and best practices for journalists who report on religion, spirituality, and faith. 

Reporting on Religion

I wrote this reporting guide (available here) to help journalists navigate the ethical dilemmas that arise when sources make hateful comments. The guide helps journalists identify hate speech, dangerous speech, and offensive speech, and to handle each form of problematic speech in ways that safeguard the principles of professional journalism and human rights.

Covering and Avoiding Religious Hate Speech
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