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In high school, I applied for 70 scholarships and won enough to fully finance two undergraduate degrees. Further scholarships covered eight “study abroad” experiences including my master’s degree at the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar. All that early practice helped me become a skilled grant writer and fundraiser. My fundraising work over the past decade has brought in more than $2 million from foundations, companies, governments, crowdfunding platforms, matching campaigns, and high-net-worth individuals to support worthy causes around the world (see examples below). I understand what funders are looking for and love translating ambitious ideas into successful grant applications. If you need a fundraising consultant or grant writer, get in touch.

I’ve secured six grants totaling nearly $1 million from the Arcus Foundation, a private charity that champions social justice work. These grants have supported Religion News Foundation, Investigative Reporters & Editors, and Taboom Media as we work to advance LGBTQI+ equality.

Arcus Foundation

After years of relationship-building, I secured a $500,000 grant from the Fetzer Institute to support Religion News Foundation’s coverage of changing religious and spiritual landscapes in the United States and around the world.

Fetzer Institute

I secured two grants from Google that enabled Religion News Foundation to highlight religious tolerance and hate speech through in-depth global news coverage, reporting guides, and online events.


I secured a grant from the UK government to train editors, journalists, and bloggers how to responsibly and accurately report on religious freedom and faith-based conflicts in Myanmar.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

NED’s ongoing financial support helps Taboom Media strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and independent media to promote and defend the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

National Endowment for Democracy

A grant I secured from the Gill Foundation, one of the world’s largest funders of LGBTQI+ equality work, financed our handbook “Investigating Anti-LGBTQI+ Hate: A Reporting Guide for Journalists” and accompanying resources.

Gill Foundation

While working for Religion News Foundation, I teamed up with Lancaster University and the Newseum’s Religious Freedom Center to secure a grant from the British Council’s Bridging Voices program. The grant facilitated transatlantic exchange and dialogue events on the role of religious freedom in U.S. and U.K. foreign policy.

British Council
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