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As part of my media training work, I mentor and edit journalists’ stories and human rights defenders’ op-eds. The BBC, Reuters, Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, Religion News Service, and major outlets across Africa have published these pieces. I also edit books and reports. If you need to hire a part-time project editor, get in touch.

Since 2016 I have trained and mentored 1,000+ journalists and human rights defenders in 50+ countries. Journalists often ask me to edit their stories after attending one of my workshops. This selection of stories I’ve edited address LGBTQI+ rights and religion. 

Queer Stories

The OpEd Project works to change who writes history. We are a community of thought leaders, journalists, commentary writers and activists who proactively share our skills, knowledge and connections across color, creed, class, age, ability, gender, orientation, and beyond. I serve as a volunteer mentor-editor to help elevate the ideas and knowledge of underrepresented expert voices.

OpEd Project

These stories on religious freedom and conflict in Myanmar (all of which I edited) emerged from a workshop we held for regional journalists, editors, and media professionals in 2014. The workshop was supported by a grant I secured from the U.K. Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Human Rights and Democracy Programme.


These stories originally appeared on Religion News Service (RNS) as part of a reporting series on religious tolerance and combating hate speech online. These and other stories in the series were supported by three grants I secured from Google during my tenure as director of global strategy and religious freedom editor at RNS. 

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