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As Taboom Media’s founding director, I work with journalists and human rights defenders across Africa and around the world to improve media coverage of social justice issues. I've lived in South Africa since 2014 and plan to move back to the U.S. in the coming months. My work has long focused on freedom of expression and LGBTQI+ equality, but I'm equally passionate about sustainability, food and waste systems, nutrition, and health. 


Beyond Taboom, I volunteer as a mentor-editor at The OpEd Project and consult for international development agencies and NGOs. I previously served as director of global strategy at Religion News Service, digital policy advisor at Index on Censorship, and online editor at Free Speech Debate.

Please click around my site, check out my CV, and get in touch if you'd like to collaborate. Thanks! :)

Brian Pellot



My reporting has appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, Foreign Policy, and dozens of other publications. Stories and op-eds I edit have run in the Guardian, BBC, Reuters, and major regional outlets across Africa. Recent books include Courage to Share: Queer Activism in Africa, Vol. 2 (2022)Hopes and Dreams That Sound Like Yours: Stories of Queer Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa (2021) and Heroes of Dialogue (2019).

Brian Pellot | Storytelling

Media Training

I’ve worked with 1,000+ journalists, activists, and faith leaders to improve media coverage of human rights topics in 50+ countries. I design and lead workshops for Taboom Media, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Global Investigative Journalism Network, Hivos, Global Fund, Arcus Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, Other Foundation, Religion News Service, INERELA+, GIN-SSOGIE, All Out, and local NGOs across Africa. My handbooks help journalists cover sensitive topics and human rights defenders implement media advocacy campaigns. I’m a frequent guest speaker and panel host at major media and human rights conferences around the world.

Brian Pellot | Media Training


I advise, fundraise, and write research reports for international foundations and NGOs. Current and past clients include the National Democratic Institute, Internews, International Media Support, European Journalism Centre, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Rafto Foundation for Human Rights, KAICIID, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Arcus Foundation, Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries (COSPE), Children's Radio Foundation, DignityUSA, Gender DynamiX, and local NGOs across Africa.

Brian Pellot | Consulting
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